Do you do free estimates?
In most cases, we will come to your location and discuss your project with you at no obligation to you. In cases where your project site is outside of our normal service area, we may assess an estimate fee which will be deducted from your bill after your job is complete.
What geographic area do you service?
Berks Concrete Restorations usually services Berks, Lebanon, Lower Schuylkill, Northern Lancaster, and western Lehigh counties in eastern Pennsylvania. Depending on the scope of your project, however, we will provide services at a greater distance. Talk to us!
What is a Polymer Cement overlay System?
A polymer cement overlay system is a color-integrated, modified acrylic Portland cement that is applied over an existing concrete slab.
How long has acrylic resurfacing been in use?
Acrylic Resurfacing has been in use since the early 1970’s. Since the 1980’s polymers have been introduced into the mix to provide a superior bonding process.
Why should I repair my concrete rather than replace it?
In removing the existing concrete you will be paying the cost of rip-out, removal, forming and pouring. This process takes larger equipment which sometimes causes damage to the landscaping. When the new concrete pour is completed you will have concrete that will stain, absorb oil and be subjected to the dangers of salts. Repairing concrete with the polymer concrete system will resist stains, resist oil spills and prevent salt damage. Additionally, it will add value to your home or property by making an attractive presentation of your concrete surfaces.
How does the Polymer Concrete System provide protection from Stains, Oil Spills, Salt Damage and Discoloration?
Once the skim coat is troweled on and the colored decorative coat is applied, the surface is sealed with a protective sealer. These sealers are non-porous and UV protective.
How thick is the acrylic coating applied?
The thinner we can apply the mixture the better. Usually between 3/32” to 1/8”. We are more interested in getting the polymer to penetrate the existing concrete than building the existing surface higher. The skim coat can be applied thicker if necessary to fill gouges and holes as needed.
Will the cold weather affect the surface of my concrete after the coating is applied?
The product was tested by subjecting it to a 60 day freeze thaw cycle. This means that it was frozen and thawed 60 consecutive times with no affect. It is stronger and denser than standard concrete and will hold up to cold weather. Berks Concrete Restorations has been installing these acrylic system for over 17 years.
What colors can you apply?
There are many colors and textures to choose from.
How long after my patio is complete may we use it?
The standard rule is foot traffic only for a week.
Can I use a shovel to remove snow from my new overlay?
We suggest you use a plastic shovel to remove snow from an area covered with a polymer overlay. A new metal shovel would not be bad, however, shovels don't stay new for long! They quickly become kinked, nicked, and bent resulting in razor-sharp edges that will cause the same marks on your new overlay that you will often see on concrete and blacktop every spring.
Can seamless flooring systems be decorative as well as functional?
Absolutely! Most of our residential and commercial product lines have both functional and decorative aspects to them.
Can you supply Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for your materials?
Yes! All of the manufacturers with whom we are associated supply MSDS sheets which can be viewed online or downloaded.
How long after my concrete is poured could we put an overlay on top?
It does depend on the system being used but generally, we like to allow the concrete to cure for at least two or three weeks before applying an overlay.
How long after my garage floor is complete could I park my car in the garage?
Curing time depends on the particular floor system you choose to install. If you choose to install a polyaspartic system, you should be able to park your car in the garage the next day! With other systems, curing time will likely be longer.
What type of floor system would be best for my garage or commercial project?
Berks Concrete Restorations will take many things into account as we help you choose which floor system will best suit your needs! Variables such as traffic patterns, intended use, potential exposure to chemicals, and even the type of tires that may contact your floor system will all be considered when helping you choose a floor system that will do the job for you and allow you to stay within your budget.
Can decorative concrete overlay systems be used indoors?
YES. Decorative overlays are as useful indoors as well as outdoors.
Will The Decorative Concrete System wear off?
The polymer Concrete System will not show wear providing that the sealer is replaced as wearing occurs.
Are the sealers you use safe?
There are a variety of sealers to choose from when completing a project. To determine which sealer to use, your dealer will take into consideration what traffic it will receive, if it is inside or out, and how accessible it will be if a reseal is needed.