Berks Concrete Restorations Does Concrete Overlays!

Berks Concrete Restorations began its business with concrete overlays in 1997. 

Berks Concrete Restorations polymer modified cementious overlay products are specifically designed to cover existing concrete walkways, patios, pool decks, or any other concrete surface that you would like to renew, protect, or enhance. These products are applied as a thin layer that will mechanically and chemically bond to your existing concrete remaining sharp-looking and functional year after year!
Polymer overlays can be applied on practically any concrete surface, inside or out, using an almost unlimited color and design pallet to emulate the look of stone, brick, tile, or custom patterns if you choose. You are only limited by your imagination!

Not all existing concrete is suitable for the application of an overlay. The concrete must be structurally sound. If you’re not sure your concrete is a good candidate for restoration, please give us a call. We’ll check it out for you!
We specialize in hand-troweled stone-texture finishes, spray textures, and commercial-grade coatings for garages, but we don’t stop there! Check out our photos by clicking the Gallery link above.